How to Lead Your Team to Get the Job Done

Making sure that your team gets the job done (and done well) is one of your main responsibilities as a leader. You’re in trouble if your team doesn’t “deliver the goods”.

You’re responsible for the team’s performance, and thus, must make sure the team meets its targets. To do so, focus on these 4 key activities.

1, Decision

As the leader, you’re called upon to plan your team’s work: you must establish the list of tasks and their associated deadlines. This ensures that your team invests its time and energy on the right activities.

When you don’t provide guidance to your team, your team members use their time and energy performing undesired and unproductive activities. By planning your team’s work, your team’s efforts push the team in the right direction: toward its goals.

2. Delegation

Once you’ve established the list of tasks, you must assign those tasks to your team members.

To delegate tasks effectively, you must match the tasks with the skill set and availability of your team members. If you delegate a task to an absent team member, it obviously won’t get done. If you delegate a task to a team member who doesn’t have the required skills to perform the task effectively, the task may get done, but it won’t get done well.

3. Inspection

Not only do you want your team to get the job done, but you want them to get the job done with excellence. To ensure the work meets your standards (and that of your organization), you must establish ways to inspect the work.

Let’s assume that no one in your team cuts corners and that everyone is committed to producing quality work. Even then, you should inspect the work; even the most skilled worker sometimes makes mistakes. As much as you can, aim to catch those mistakes before you “ship the goods”.

4. Inspiration

As the work progress, make sure all members of your team stay engaged in their work, even when the going gets tough or the tasks they’re working on aren’t the most enjoyable.

If you hope to reach your targets, you must keep your team motivated until the end. They’ll get tired. They’ll get discouraged. They’ll get distracted. But as the leader, you must breathe in them a new wind of inspiration so that they can stay the course. A good way to do this is to always remind your team the reason for the work (i.e. the “Why”). This gives meaning to their work.

To get your team to get the job done, you must:

  • decide what must get done (that’s your “What”) and the deadlines (that’s your “When”);
  • delegate the tasks to the right team members (that’s your “Who”);
  • inspect the work to ensure it meets your standards (that’s your “How”);
  • inspire your team members to perform at their best (that’s your “Why”).
About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.