How to Overcome Fear and Pursue Your Great Goals

Let’s get this straight. If you pursue great goals (or want to do so), be prepared to face fear.

In particular, fear will show up and try to stop you before you embark on your journey. It will outline all the reason why your goal is impossible or why you’re unfit to achieve it.

And if you have the guts to embark on your journey to somewhere great, fear will follow you and try to stop you in your tracks. Every now and then, it will attempt to convince you to return to safety in your comfort zone.

The truth is, even if you backtrack and give up on your journey, fear will continue to nag you. In fact, if you don’t pursue a great goal, you’ll experience fear even; fear is part of the human experience.

Here’s the deal. Fear isn’t to be avoided. It’s to be overcome.

Take Action

You overcome it by taking action on your goals despite the fear. You look fear in the eye and take a step forward and another and another until you reach your goal.

As you take each step, you gain a little more courage. And when you finally reach your destination, you’ll realize there was no need to give in to fear—and it boosts your confidence.

Action is a powerful antidote to fear.

Remember Your Reason(s)

You’re pursuing a great goal for a reason (perhaps reasons). Your reason drives you. While fear seeks to paralyze you or hinder your progress, your reason propels you forward. These are opposing forces.

If your reason is powerful enough, it enables you to burst through fear and get in motion (and stay in motion until you achieve your goal). Never lose sight of the reason why you embarked on the journey in the first place.

When fear shows her ugly head, blind it with the brightness of your source of motivation: your reason for pursuing the goal.

Get a Support Group

When everything in you wants to run away from fear, your support group will carry you true; they’re committed to you and to your success.

People who genuinely care about you and your goal won’t let you fold before fear. Instead, they’ll encourage you and, when they can, provide you with guidance to help you reach your goal.

A good support group will push you to overcome any fear that may try to block your way to your goal.

Don’t be surprised when fear shows up to attempt to dissuade you from aiming high. Expect it but don’t cede to it.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.