How to Overcome the Perfection Syndrome – Part 3

Too many people, for fear of failure, hold back from pursuing their goals. It’s not that they don’t have goals; they do. But they are afraid that they won’t make through the journey. As a result, paralyzed, they never begin their journey. For fear that they might sink or get splashed, they keep their ship on shore.

These people want the certainty that, if they launch into the deep, they are going to make it to the other side—without any obstacles. They wish for a guarantee that their journey will be smooth: “If only there was a perfect course…” Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect course.

In part 1 and 2 of this series, I shared tips on overcoming two manifestations of perfection paralysis: waiting for perfect conditions and searching for perfect characteristics. Now, in part 3, I want to share a few things to help you overcome this third manifestation of perfection paralysis: wishing that you would get the guarantee of perfect course before you begin pursuing your goal.

You Will Stumble

Wishing for a perfect course is impractical. No one can guarantee that the journey will be without obstacles, just as no one can guarantee that, when you leave home and drive to work, you won’t hit bumps on the road or even get into an accident. If we needed to be sure the road was “perfect” before driving to our destination, no one would leave the parking lot.

Every significant journey has its bumps and its obstacles. Add to that the fact that you’re likely to make mistakes along the way, and you can be certain that your course will NOT be perfect. You’ll make mistakes. You will face challenges. You’ll experience setbacks. Guaranteed! But it must not stop you from starting your journey.

You Can Figure it Out

Even with your best effort to plan your journey and to prepare for all the potential pitfalls, you’ll have to deal with unforeseen situations. Every significant journey has its surprises. This shouldn’t surprise you. Expect the unexpected.

That said, to make it to your destination, the course needs not to be perfect. You are empowered to deal with situations that may arise on your journey; you are creative and resourceful. And if you feel that you’re in way over your head, others can help you make it through. Life isn’t meant to be a solitary journey anyway. Plus, remember this. You are never alone; God is always watching over you.

You May Fail

Let me not sugarcoat it. You may fail. Yes, it’s very much possible that, despite your valiant efforts, you fail and never reach your goal. But I need to tell you this: Don’t fear failure. Failure isn’t the end of the journey. Failure is learning. Failure is growing.

Don’t deceive yourself by reasoning: “I can’t fail if I don’t start”. This is faulty logic; for starters, you can’t succeed either. And if failure means you haven’t reached your goal, then not starting means you’ve failed before you begin; you can’t reach the finish line if you don’t start.

Learn from your failure; it’ll do more for you than perfection paralysis.

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You won’t have a perfect course. But you don’t need one. The imperfect course is making you better and stronger. Reaching your destination is pleasant, but the person you become along the way is just as—if not more—important.

Question: Have you been delaying your journey because you’re hoping to, one day, have the guarantee that your course will be perfect?