How to Prepare for 2017 – Part 2

Every day is a gift to be cherished. Therefore, when we make it through 365 days, it’s an amazing grace. We ought to be grateful for the privilege of crossing over to another year. And, as we go through the year, we must remember that each morning is a blessing.

As I mentioned in my previous post, 2017 will be what we make of it. In this post, we continue to reflect on the upcoming year.

What Are Your Main Goals?

As you look forward to 2017, what key goals are you planning to achieve? The new year is pregnant with possibilities. But you must decide on which ones you’ll focus your time, money, talents, and energy. With that in mind, I don’t recommend you focus on a plethora of goals. Rather, focus on a few key goals: 3 to 7 key goals suffice.

One of my key 2017 goals is to finish writing my second book. Of course, this goal will be broken down in subgoals, each with their own deadline.

One of your main goals may be to lose 30 lbs or it may be to shave $4000 off of your student loan or it may be to write 50 blog posts.

Whatever your goals, write them down.

What Are You Looking Forward to in 2017?

Although the new year hasn’t started yet, you already have special events on your 2017 calendar, I’m sure: things you’re looking forward to.

One of the special events I’m looking forward in 2017 is the birth of my fourth child (my third baby girl). I know that, as with any family expansion, there will be a period of transition. Therefore, my wife and I are preparing (and preparing our kids) for that transition.

What are you looking forward to in 2017? And more importantly, how must you prepare for these events so that there are as enriching an experience as possible.

What Areas of Growth Will You Focus on?

Growth is one of my core values, and thus, it’s an integral part of my life. Every day, I do something to grow. That said, as I go through the seasons of my life, I put an emphasis on a few areas the require special attention. In 2017, I’ll put a special focus on health, finances, and leadership.

How about you? Which areas will you focus on? Will you focus on growing spiritually? On your emotional health? On your relationship with your spouse or kids or parents or friends?

As I said, I don’t mean that you should work on an area at the expense of another. But, like me, you may notice that to take your life to the next level, you must pay special attention to a few specific areas.

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Action Step

Today, take a few minutes to reflect on your main goals and key areas of growth for 2017. Also, give some thought on what you need to do to prepare for the upcoming special events of 2017.