How To Shape Your Habits

Your habits dictate your long-term results. The good news is that you have the power to shape your habits. The bad news is that it’s not always easy: bad habits can be tough to break and good ones tough to form.

Habits are powerful because they lead you to a predetermined destination almost on autopilot. Little by little, step by step, your habits are taking you somewhere. You control the destination by controlling the habit. The reverse is also true: if you know your desired destination, you can determine the habit you must cultivate.

Your good habits are taking you toward your desired destination. And if you maintain them long enough, they yield their results. For example, good eating habits lead you to vibrant health.

Conversely, bad habits are taking you to an undesired destination. In fact, bad eating habits will lead you to health issues.

Of course, all habits aren’t equal. Some of your bad habits are merely annoying, but their consequence isn’t that dramatic (in most cases). For example, biting your nails won’t destroy your life.

You’re responsible for your habits, and thus, it’s up to you to shape them. To shape your habits, you must first decide which habits you want to cultivate and which and which ones you must abandon. As mentioned, your desired results can help you determine which habits you need and which you must let go.

Habits are formed through repetition. Thus, once you know which habits you need to cultivate, you must begin to repeat the behavior until it becomes second nature. That’s where the rubber meets the road.

The key here is to take no more than what you can chew but remain consistent. That is, it’s better to make small steps consistently than to make giant leaps once in a while. Knowing this, you should ask yourself, “What the smallest step I can take consistently?” and begin there. As you progress, you can increase the weight.

To break bad habits, you must break the cycle of repetition. For example, if every day after work, you’re in the habit of slouching on the couch watching TV for countless hours, you must start by breaking that cycle. You may decide that on Monday night you’re going to register for a cooking class. It will begin to break the cycle.

Your habits help you or hinder you. When you choose them judiciously, they serve you well and bring you far. Take charge of your habits.

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Vladimir Elie

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