How to Start Doing What You Know You Should Have Started a Long Time Ago – Part 2

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to pursue a goal that you had been postponing for some time, you must begin your journey. Armed with a compelling reason to pursue your goal—your “Why”—you’re ready to take action. Once you acknowledge that you’ve procrastinated for long enough and that it’s now time to begin to act, you must make the first step forward.

It’s critical that you break inertia and resist the urge of delaying your journey once again. You haven’t started your journey precisely because you kept postponing the moment you take action. You must break that cycle and begin to move forward; unless you do something different, you’ll continue getting the same result (i.e., nothing).

In a case like this, when you know that you should have started working on your goal, a long time ago, you can’t afford to waste any more time by delaying. At this point, you must do something—anything—that we’ll bring you one step closer to your goal. Even if you only take a baby step forward, it’s better than nothing; that small step changes your state from idle to “in motion.” And that’s precisely the state you need to be in.

For example, if you’ve wanted to write a novel for a long time, but you still put any words on the page, now you must pull out your pad and your pen or jump on your computer and begin to bring storm ideas for your novel. It’s an easy step to take, but now your car has left your driveway and is heading in toward your destination. It might take you a bit of time, but you’re on your way.

When you look at your goal, what’s the next, baby step you can take? Whatever your answer, take action—today.

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Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.