How to Start Doing What You Know You Should Have Started a Long Time Ago – Part 3

What have you been waiting for? For some time, you’ve wanted to write that novel, take that course, work on that business idea, start an exercise program, or whatever else you should have started long ago but still haven’t yet. You’ve determined that it’s something that you want to do. So, what are you waiting for? The perfect timing? It’ll never come.

At one point, you must make up your mind and launch, even if only by taking baby steps. But if, even with your best efforts, you’re still stuck and can’t figure out “why?”; it’s time to bring in some help. Perhaps enlisting the help of someone else will be the difference maker for you.

The “right” person can give you the extra push you need to finally start doing what you know you should have started a long time ago. The external help can take many forms.

For instance, the person can be a peer who’s willing to partner with you. This a person who is willing to coauthor your novel with you or someone who wishes to become your business partner or who commits to exercise with you at the gym. In short, instead of working alone, you find someone who agrees to work with you. It can be a complete game changer for you.

Another way you can get external help is by enlisting a mentor (or coach): someone who has already traveled the journey before you and is willing to coach you through your journey. For example, you can hire a writing coach who walks you through the novel-writing process or personal trainer who ensures you show up at the gym.

No matter the activity or goal you’ve been delaying for a long time, there are people has “been there and done that” before you. You can leverage their expertise and the experience.

The most important ingredient that external help adds to the mix is this: accountability. External help holds you accountable.

It’s easy to postpone things indefinitely when you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself. But when you’re accountable to someone else—whether a peer or a coach—it’s a different story. Because you have to answer to someone else, you’re motivated to perform.

Accountability can work wonders to make you start something that you should have started a long time ago. Seek for ways to inject some form of accountability in your life. When you do, you’ll progress at breakneck speed.

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Vladimir Elie

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