How to Use A Bait to Beat Procrastination – Part 2

To beat procrastination, you must find a way to get yourself to take action and tackle your essential tasks. When you procrastinate, you’re postponing a critical action: there’s something that you must get done, but for no valid reason, you delay the moment when you get it done. Therefore, if you can get yourself to stop stalling and take action, you beat procrastination.

In my previous post, I began a sharing on the topic how to bait yourself to beat procrastination. That is, how you can use a bait to get you to take action. The bait is an engaging activity that leads you to begin taking action on your important task.

Here’s an important question, how do you find a bait that will work for you?

If you are to use an activity (bait) to lead to an important task, what’s the right activity (bait) for you?

To determine the right bait for you, you must first take time to investigate why you procrastinate. What prevents you from doing what you must? Where is the sticking point? Once you know why you’re stuck, you can start investigating ways to get unstuck.

The key to the “bait strategy” is to find an activity that you would set you in motion in the right direction without getting you trapped. To find that activity, you have to experiment: you must try various activities until you find the one(s) that gets creates the conditions for you to take action.

In my previous post, I explained how telling myself to look at books on Amazon helped me sit at the computer and begin to write. “Checking books on Amazon” is a bait. All it does is get me to sit at the computer, and once there, I will begin to write. And I know I won’t get lost in the Amazon land. “Going to watch YouTube video” wouldn’t be a good bait for me; it would be a trap. I would get lost in the land of YouTube and get no writing done.

The bottom line is this. Experiment. Experiment. Experiment until you find the right bait.

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