7 Inspirational Nuggets to Help You Win This Week – Tome 1

Let’s start this week strong. In this post, I share seven of my inspirational quotes (I call them nuggets) to help you win this week. To each nugget, I add a brief commentary.

Nugget 1

If you want to stay stuck, cultivate unforgiveness. If you want to be free, forgive.

Unforgiveness keeps you a prisoner of the past. An unfortunate event happened in the past, and you’re still stuck there. You’re locked up, and until you forgive, you’re not free. Forgiveness releases you from that past event. And this grants you the liberty to move on with your life.

Nugget 2

Fear kills dreams.

Fear is a professional assassin. Because of it, many dreams die every day. And if you let it, it’ll choke yours too. For fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, or another form of fear, many have abandoned their dreams. Their dreams, which could have made a difference in the world, were never given a chance to soar; they died too soon, thrusting the dreamers into the land of regret. Don’t let fear kill your dreams; go after them.

Nugget 3

Setting inspiring goals energizes the soul.

A well-chosen goal infuses your soul with the drive to pursue it. In that sense, goals have the power to make you leave your place of comfort and propel you forward toward new horizons. Make sure you set goals that speak to your heart: goals that inspire you to take action; goals that push you forward when the going gets tough.

Nugget 4

Your habits build you or bind you.

Habits are powerful; good habits build your life, bad ones destroy it. If you’re not careful, your bad habits will cause your downfall. They put tight ropes around your wrists and ankles, and as you indulge in them, the ropes keep getting thicker and thicker, until you’re firmly bound. You must break them. However, when you form good habits, they build you and help you move your life forward.

Nugget 5

Starting is not enough; you must also finish.

Both starting and finishing have their challenges. To start, you must often overcome fear and step outside of your comfort zone. Once you’ve started, you face opposition and obstacles. And to make through, you must show great resolve and determination. If you started the journey, it was with the intention of completing. Therefore, you must persevere. In the end what matters isn’t only what you start; it’s what you finish.

Nugget 6

Talent is all around; it’s Discipline that gives you the edge.

Talents are like raw gold’ they have value. But it’s “discipline” that transforms the raw gold into something usable. Many people have talent, but the question is always, “Do they have the discipline to develop them?” It’s Discipline that makes the difference between talented people. The person with the most discipline wins. The good thing about Discipline is that it’s controllable; you can decide to be disciplined. And when you do, you get the edge.

Nugget 7

Getting upset about your wet coat doesn’t make the rain stop.

There’s no point to getting upset about things you can’t control. Complaining and getting all worked up doesn’t change the situation. If you can change the situation, your energies would be best invested in addressing it, not worrying anyway. In every situation, keep your attitude in check.

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Vladimir Elie

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