It’s Not About What You Can Get; It’s About What You Can Give

Some people have fallen for the fallacy that life is about what you can get out of it, when in fact life, is about what you can give into it. Life is not about what you can get; it’s about what you can give. It’s not about accumulating; it’s about contributing.

When you join an organization, don’t start with what you can get; start with what you can give. When you enter into a relationship, don’t lead with what you can get; lead with what you can give. When you think about your life, don’t prioritize what you can get; prioritize what you can give.

Life is a gift, which means it was given to you. You didn’t pay for it. You didn’t work for it. One day, you opened your eyes and were born. You received that great gift and now can use it to contribute to the lives of others.

You came into the world naked, and you’ll leave it naked. All your precious trinkets will stay behind when you leave this world. But while you’re still here, you can use them to contribute to the lives of others. Your life is meaningful, and you can make a difference that transcends your lifetime.

You have a contribution to make, and that contribution can continue to enrich people’s lives long after you’re gone. Your talents and abilities are your equipment to serve others and add value to their lives.

I’m sure that, at some level, you’re already doing this. However, I suspect that, if you take a close look at your life and count all your blessings, you’ll realize that you can contribute far more than you have thus far.

It’s not that you can’t get nice things and enjoy the fruit of your labor; it’s that your life can be about much more than that. Accumulating things doesn’t have to become the focus of your life; it can simply be a by-product of the contribution you’re making in other people’s lives.

You were born in this generation for a reason. You have a purpose, and it goes beyond what you can get; it’s what you can give.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.