It’s Time to Sow

There’s a time to sow and there’s a time to reap.

There’s a time to work and there’s a time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

There’s a time to sweat and there’s a time to savor results.

There’s a time to pay the price and there’s time to win the prize.

To reap, you must sow. No sowing, no reaping.

Too many people want to reap a harvest, but they haven’t sowed anything. In plain language, they want the results, but they haven’t done the work. They want the Schwarzenegger body, but they haven’t spent the time sweating at the gym. They want the degree, but they haven’t studied. They want the promotion, but they haven’t fulfilled their duties with excellence. They want to have written a book, but they don’t want to glue their bottom on the chair and write.

There are no hacks: you must do the work.

And then you must be patient; when you sow, you have to wait before you can reap. No one plants seeds today and expects crops tomorrow. You must be patient and continue to tend the field.

But time is on your side; in due time, your seeds will grow and your results will show. Don’t get ahead of yourself and expect to reap a harvest when you haven’t sowed anything yet. Do the work first.

Don’t get ahead of yourself and expect to reap a harvest when you haven’t sowed anything yet. Do the work first.

When you reap your harvest as a result of you sowing, you appreciate it the more; you know that you earned it. And this is satisfying. No one handed you anything. I mean it’s a totally different feeling when you “pass” a class because the teacher was generous and he didn’t want to give you the “F” you deserved versus when you pass a class because you worked your tail off and mastered the subject matter. In the first instance, the passing grade was handed to you. In the second, you did the work, and you savor the results.

When you sow and nurture your seed, there is no glamor. Actually, it can get quite dirty. When you’re doing the work, you garner very little attention. But when your fruits start to show, you begin to attract all sorts of hungry people. When you’re paying the price, there are usually no cameras on you; the cameras show up to see you win the prize.

You want to reap bountifully. I know you do. It’s time to sow profusely.