Leadership Skill: The Power of Listening – Part 5

Effective leaders keep their ears wide open to what is going on in their team, organization, and industry. Furthermore, they proactively seek feedback from these various sources. They understand that they need that feedback to inform their decisions and course of actions.

Of course, this requires that leaders not only hear the feedback but that they also analyze it and act on it. Passively listening to feedback yields little benefit.

In this series, I have emphasized the need for leaders to pay close attention to the perspective of experts in their organization so that they can leverage the experience and expertise of these people.

To conclude this series, I should mention that leaders are not prisoners or servile to the perspectives of others. They must listen attentively; however, that’s not to say that they have to agree with all the viewpoints brought forward and implement every suggestion that comes on their table.

As a leader, when it comes to your sphere of leadership, you have final say. That’s your privilege, but also your responsibility. Once you’ve listened, it’s up to you to make the decisions you deem best (in light of the information you have). Gather the data, analyze it, and make your decisions—and own them.

Keep lines of communication open. Always. That’s your responsibility. Team members’ responsibility is to give you the best feedback: they must provide you with the best of their perspective without withholding any valuable information, even when their perspective differs from yours. However, once you’ve heard them and made your decision, the team must rally behind you and fall in alignment with the decision.

Leaders need their team just as much as their team needs them. They also need their clients. They also need various stakeholders through their organization and the industry. Thus, leaders’ ability to listen is paramount to their success.

People around you carry insights that can help you lead better. Make it a point to glean those insights. Keep your ears, mind, and heart open, and the power of listening will benefit you, your team, and your organization.

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Vladimir Elie

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