Let Your Dark Past Propel You Into A Bright Future

Everyone has a “past”. For some, that past was filled with exciting experiences and memorable moments, which left an indelible happy perfume in their hearts. For others, that past was furnished with difficult, harsh—even traumatic—moments, some of which has left their minds bruised and hearts scared. For most, the past is made of both the great and the grim, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad.

Whether your past was warm and sunny or cold and dark, your future can be better and greater.

In particular, if you had a rough life, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of your journey. The dark moments of your past don’t have to hold you back from your bright future.

There’s too much in front of you to allow what’s behind you to shackle you down. Your future is full of potential. Why let your past rob you of it? Your past has already made enough damage. Why let it paralyze your present and jeopardize your future?

Do What You Must to Heal

Often, although the past is gone, its effects still live on. You must heal and move on.

The healing process may be long and arduous, but you must do what it takes to heal. Pray. Seek help. Forgive.

Refuse to let past experiences prevent you from being all that you’re designed to be and achieving all you’re destined to achieve. You owe this to yourself—and to the rest of us.

Give An Empowering Meaning to Your Past

The past is the past, and you can’t change it, but you can choose its meaning to you. The meaning you ascribe to events, often, have more power than the events themselves.

Losing your jobs doesn’t have to mean you’re a loser. It might just be that you have things to learn or simply that there’s a better-suited opportunity for you.

That your first marriage failed doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of love. It may just be that both your ex-spouse and you are humans with strengths and weaknesses, and thus, can fail. Don’t let this temporary setback, limit your joy and enjoyment of life; you can fail forward.

Your initial attempts at public speaking may have been embarrassing. It doesn’t mean you’re not cut for this, especially if, deep down, your inner voice still longs to express itself in that way…

You Can’t Change the Past, but You Can Use it

I understand that, once you’ve touched fire and got burned, you don’t want to touch it again. However, not touching fire doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Cold meals are okay, but warm ones are quite delectable.

You’ve made mistakes. Well, learn from them and do what it takes not to repeat them so that you become wiser. You’ve seen hard times. Well, you made it to this point; that makes you an overcomer. Let hard times make you stronger and more compassionate.

You’ve allowed your past—i.e., your past mistakes, past hurts, etc.—to hold you back long enough. It has stolen enough of your time and your life.

Question: Have you allowed your past to hold you back?