No More Hiding, Please!

You are born in this generation for a reason. You are here to do great work, meaningful work. Your impact on the world is meant to outlive you. But the light of your God-given glory will never shine if you keep hiding.

Don’t join “Hiding Association”, the assembly of those who, though endowed with great abilities, never fulfill their true potential, because they hide:

  • They hide behind busyness, spending their time and energy on trivial activities that amount to nil.
  • They hide in dead-end but comfortable jobs that lock them in the basement of mediocrity.
  • They hide behind all sorts of vices that lead them on the road to self-destruction.
  • They hide behind excuses, which, in the end, only serve to appease their conscience for not having the guts to step out in faith and attempt exploits.
You are here to do great work, meaningful work. Click To Tweet Your impact on the world is meant to outlive you. Click To Tweet

Spending your life hiding in the cavern of fear—be it well-decorated—is a sure way to die with tears, yes, with tears of regret, because when you hide,…

1. You Rob the World of Your Greatness

You’re meant to bring something unique to the world, and when you hide, you rob the world of that uniqueness and the positive difference you could otherwise make. Resolve to share your greatness.

2. You Keep your Potential Untapped

You can’t express your potential and hide at the same time, just as the rose can’t share its beauty and hide its petals at the same time. The rose fulfills its purpose and expresses its glory when its petals are open to the world. Releasing your potential demands courage. It requires that you have the audacity to reveal your beauty.

3. You Deprive Yourself of Joyous Experiences You Could Make

You experience true fulfillment when you express your true nature and let your authentic “self” shine through. When you hide and fail to share your greatness with the world, you’re settling for a life far below the one you were meant to live.

4. You Fail to Impact the Lives of Many People

Your gifts, talents, and abilities can make a difference. They can. They should. They must. You can serve humanity at a much greater level. But you must dare to share your greatness—boldly. Many people are waiting for what you have to offer, and you have the responsibility to deliver it to them.

The treasures you carry aren’t for you only; they are for us too. They are meant to bless the world and sharing them demand that you get out of confinement and step into the light.

The treasures you carry aren't for you only; they are for us too. Click To Tweet

We, the community of humanity, ask that you stop hiding, please. We need your best. We want your best. We demand your best—and nothing less.

Question: Are you ready to stop hiding?