Positive Attitude – How to Manage Your Negative Thoughts

Managing your thoughts is vital to cultivating a positive attitude. As you can imagine, your thoughts affect your attitude. If negative thoughts pollute your mind, your attitude will stink.

Like most aspects of your life, you must manage your thought life, and this includes your negative thoughts.

You’re not a slave to your negative thoughts. You may not always control what pops in your mind. However, you can decide what you do with it. You can let your thoughts run buck-wild or you can keep them in line. In particular, you can ensure your negative thoughts don’t spoil your attitude.

Pluck Out Negative Thoughts

You don’t have to accept negative thoughts in the field of your mind as if they’re your only option. You can challenge them.

You don’t have to give credence to everything that goes on in your mind. The fact that you thought something doesn’t mean it’s true; more importantly, it doesn’t mean you need to entertain that thought.

If a thought isn’t serving you, you can decide to let it go. That the thought came to your mind by surprise is one thing. That you allow it to grow in your mind is another.

You don’t have to entertain thoughts of failure, defeat, low self-esteem, fear of rejection, or any other negative thought; they’re hindering, not helping you.

When a negative thought pops in your mind, you can put the flashlight of your attention on it and expose it for what it is. Like a gardener plucking weeds out of their garden, pluck negative thoughts out of your mind.

Sow Seeds of Positivity in Your Life

Saturating your mind and your life with positivity might be the most effective way to limit the effects of negative thoughts in your life. If positive messages continually refresh your mind, your “internal” soil becomes less conducive to the proliferation of negative thoughts. In fact, a positive mindset makes it harder for negative thoughts to survive.

The best part of it all is that you have a good measure of control on this. You can inject a proper dose of daily positivity into your life (through what you consume: read, watch, listen to, etc.).

Your mind is a garden, and the seeds you plant in it will produce results in your life. Therefore, you must closely monitor the thoughts that enter and begin to grow in your mind and proactively introduce positive thoughts.

Cultivating a positive attitude requires intentionality. Hence, the importance of becoming intentional about managing your negative thoughts, lest they sabotage all your efforts.

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