Power Yourself Up for Greater Productivity

To get any “productivity” from your computer, you must first power it up. Likewise, you must first power yourself up to get any productivity out of yourself.

Productivity is achieved when your energy is applied on the right activities (the “right” activities are determined by what you’re trying to achieve: your goals). And when your energy is applied to the wrong activities, it’s a waste.

In a sense, productivity can be defined as energy applied to achieve a goal (desired result). This implies at least 3 things.

1. You Have Energy

Energy is the foundation of all productivity. Like a light bulb needs “energy” to light up, you need “energy” to produce. Without energy, you can’t produce. It’s that simple. Thus, to power yourself up for greater productivity, you must have energy.

Where does your energy come from? You know the answer to this, I’m sure. It comes from the fundamentals: getting enough sleep, eating well, drinking lots of water, exercising regularly. In short, energy comes from taking good care of yourself.

If you cut corners in the area of self-care, it’ll affect your productivity. You may get away with a little bit of self-indulgence (and still produce results). In fact, many do. However, know this. Because you won’t be operating at your best, your productivity will suffer.

Take good care of yourself.

2. You Set Goals

If you don’t know what you’re trying to achieved—your desired result—you have no way to gauge your productivity. If you don’t have a destination, how do you know you’re on your way there? You don’t. If you don’t have anything to do with the computer, why power it up?

Your productivity is dependent on your goals. Goals give direction to your energy and protect you from squandering your it. Goals establish how you’re to use your energy.

3. You Apply Your Energy to Achieve Your Goals (Focus)

Energy applied randomly is just that: energy applied randomly. Like a car rolling around with no particular destination, applying your energy aimlessly, leads you nowhere. You might as well have no energy at all.

To be meaningful, your energy must be applied to activities that lead you to your desired result. This requires that you focus your energy and avoid giving your attention to distractions and wasting your energy on trivialities.

Investing your energy in distractions means you don’t have that energy to invest in productive activities. The more energy you apply to productive activities, the greater your productivity.

Boosting your productivity demands that you take good care of yourself so that you would burst with energy. Once you’ve powered yourself up, discipline yourself to direct that energy to propel you forward towards your goals, minimizing waste as much as you can. Boost your energy level and focus, boost your productivity.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.