Stop Lying to Yourself…

To foster positive change in your life, you must acknowledge that something must change.

In fact, you may be stuck in a bad situation—be it a dead job, a toxic relationship, in debt, etc.—simply because you refuse to acknowledge that the situation must be addressed.

Stop lying to yourself. Putting your head in the sand and ignoring the issue will keep you locked in that bad situation longer than you need to.

You’re lying to yourself when you pretend that everything is fine but, in fact, it’s not.

You’re lying to yourself when you choose to ignore an issue that you clearly need to address, thinking that it’s going to get resolved on its own; it rarely does.

You’re lying to yourself when you make excuses for your shortcomings and your poor results in an area of your life.

You’re lying to yourself when you play the blame game and you refuse to take responsibility for your results.

You’re lying to yourself when you engage in trivial activities instead of tackling important ones you know you must.

You’re lying to yourself when you focus your time and energy on distractions at the expense of pursuing your goals and dreams.

You’re lying to yourself when you put your efforts outside of your strength zones, convincing yourself that it’s a good use of your time.

The good news is this. Results. Don’t. Lie. No matter how crafty your lies, and how long you keep lying to yourself, your results will tell the real story.

Look at your results; they’ll tell you when something needs to change.

Sometimes, when I consider my results, I must look myself in the mirror and ask, “Are you lying to yourself?” And sometimes, I must recognize that I am—not intentionally, of course. Maybe I’m lying to myself because I’m not ready to admit that:

  • I’m wrong
  • I need to apologize
  • I made a mistake
  • I’m trying to bite into more than I can chew
  • I need to break a bad habit
  • I need to start doing something that I don’t feel I have the energy or the time to do
  • I need to ask for help and spill my guts in front of someone else and admit that I’m not perfect, admit that I don’t have everything together, admit that sometimes I don’t do the things I know should
  • etc.

To move forward, you must stop lying to yourself.

Sooner or later, you must look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth; nothing changes until you do.