The 3 Pillars of Service You Must Never Forget

You have a contribution to make. Your gifts and talents can make a positive difference in people lives. If you have a desire to serve, there’s a place for you to do so. Some people need what you have to offer.

As you serve people, never forget these three pillars of service.

1. Generosity

Serving others is an act of generosity, especially when you serve people who can’t pay you back. When you serve others, you decide to give yourself (at least a part of you) to them. You share what you have for their benefit.

When you serve others, you don’t focus on what you can get but on what you can give. Your focus isn’t on “What’s in it for me?”, but on “What can I give to them?” True service isn’t self-selfish; it’s selfless. In that sense, serving others is never about how much money you can make or whatever less you can gain.

Let your desire to serve others come from a place of generosity.

2. Authenticity

You’re not meant to serve others by copying others and recycling what they are doing and regurgitating what they are saying. You have something unique to bring to the world, and it’s rooted in authenticity.

Of course, you can learn from and be inspired by other people’s work and contribution. However, you limit your contribution when you’re stuck on imitation. As I said, your contribution should reflect you–at your core.

When you serve from a place of authenticity, your contribution comes from your heart not just your head. You don’t simply serve because it makes sense intellectually but because you’re passionate about your cause, the people you’re serving, and the difference you’re making.

3. Excellence

As you know, some restaurants and hotels are classified as five-star establishments while others are classified as one-star. The number of starts speaks to the level of excellence with which the establishment serves its clients; the more stars, the better.

Given a choice, would you prefer to go to a five-star hotel or a one-star? Five-star, I’m sure.

Seek to offer people five-star service in your chosen area. That is, strive to serve people with excellence. Whatever your contribution, give your best. The people you serve are precious and deserve your best. Plus, you’re not designed to offer mediocre service.

When you serve (and even your day job can be seen as an act of service), give with a generous heart, let the best of you (the “authentic” you) shine through, offer five-star service, an excellent service.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.