The 4 Attributes of Your Attitude – Part 1

Wherever you go, your attitude follows. At home, work, church, or in the community, people who interact with you, although they may not remember everything you say, will remember the fragrance of your attitude. Cultivating a positive attitude allows you to release a fresh perfume wherever you go.

Your attitude is an important part of who you are. It affects your relationships. It affects your results. It affects life. Change your attitude, change your life.

There are 4 attributes (or characteristics) you must know about your attitude. Understanding these attributes will help you be better equipped to cultivate a positive attitude.

I cover the first two attributes in this post (part 1) and the next two in part 2.

Attitude is Decision

That is the first attribute you must know about habits. You have the power (and responsibility) to decide your attitude. In any given situation or context, you can choose your attitude.

You control your decisions and thus your attitude. No one can force you to adopt an attitude; you’re the one who has the power to decide your attitude. Thus, if your attitude isn’t what you want it to be, you hold the key to change it.

The starting point of every great journey is the decision to embark on it. Cultivating a positive attitude starts with making the decision to embark on this journey. Then, you must continually recommit to that decision, as the journey lifelong and hard. Sometimes, you feel like you’re making two steps forward and one step back: One day, you’re upbeat and optimistic about the future; the next, you feel the world is coming to an end.

Like cultivating a garden, cultivating a positive demands intentionality, and this begins with a decision. And then, you must continually take care of this garden to ensure it flourishes.

Attitude is Emotion

Your attitude affects the way you feel. It affects the way you feel about yourself, about others, about situations. Emotions establish the luminosity of your soul. Negative emotions darken your soul, whereas positive emotions lighten it.

Because we are emotional beings your attitude has a great impact on your state. Conversely, your state gives you a clear picture of your attitude.

A negative attitude drives you to abhor negativity in your heart and puts you in a negative state.

Do spend a lot of your time flooded by emotions such as anger, worry, frustration, fear, anxiety, sadness, and panic? If so, knowingly or unknowingly, you may have been cultivating a negative attitude. Not that you should never feel any of these emotions; that would be an unfair expectation, and quite frankly, it would be unhealthy. These emotions are part of the human experience. And everyone, from time to time, experiences these emotions. But do you dwell in those emotions (as in it has become your natural state)?

A positive attitude puts you in a positive state. It leads you to cultivate positivity in your heart. When you have a positive attitude, you dwell in emotions such as gratitude, joy, peace, optimism, hope, and excitement.