The 4 Building Blocks Of a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is attractive. People may not remember a lot of what you said, but they’ll remember your attitude. If you have a pleasant attitude, they’ll keep a good memory of you. Conversely, if your attitude stinks, they’ll remember that smell and seek to avoid it.

Cultivating a positive attitude is win-win: it’s a win for you because you feel good in your skin; it’s a win for others because a positive attitude makes your company that much more delightful.

There are 4 building blocks of a positive attitude that you must know.

Make a Decision

Like most growth in life, cultivating a positive attitude starts with a decision. And that initial decision must be supported by countless other decisions. In fact, in every situation, you must decide your reaction. For example, when facing a challenge, you can decide to lose it or you can decide to focus on finding a solution.

That is to say that a positive attitude doesn’t just happen; you must be intentional about it. And this means making decisions.

Control Your Action

You don’t always control what happens to you, but you can control how to react to it. The second building block of a positive attitude is your actions: how you act and react to people and situations ultimately demonstrate (and define) your attitude.

Ultimately, people see your true attitude by your action more than by your claims. People hear what you say but believe what you do.

Manage Your Emotions

The way you feel affects your attitude. If you continually harbor negative emotions in your heart (i.e. jealousy, envy, worry, fear, etc.), it’s hard, even impossible, to cultivate a positive attitude.

A positive attitude requires that your heart be filled with positive emotions, such as gratitude, love, hope, generosity,

Repeat Positive Affirmations

Your attitude isn’t only revealed in public, where all eyes can see, but also in private, where no one sees. You can’t be beating yourself in private and expect to have a positive attitude in public. Your self-talk matters.

The way you speak and treat yourself in private reveals your attitude. It’s perhaps the ultimate revealer of your attitude; in private, your masks are off and your true colors shine.

Make the decision to remain positive at all times and support that decision by controlling your actions, managing your emotions, and repeating positive affirmations.

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Vladimir Elie

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