The Essence of Great Time Management

Your time is your life. It’s your most precious asset. Improving your life means improving the way you use your time. Making the most of your life means making the most of your time.

Time Is Fixed

First, your daily amount of time is fixed. It’s the same for everyone. You can’t get more (or less). You can’t sign a check or do an e-transfer to increase your daily allocation. Time doesn’t discriminate. Whatever your social status, gender, race, age, religious beliefs, political persuasions, or whatever else, time operates the same for everyone.

Time Is Fluid

Second, time keeps passing by no matter what you do with it. You don’t get to decide when you want to use it. As it’s passing by, you must use it. Time doesn’t wait for you to make up your mind about how to use it. You don’t get to pause time or store it for later; you must grab each moment, one moment at a time.

Time Moves Forward

Third, time is irreversible. If you miss the moment, it’s gone forever. You can’t go back and change the way you used it in the past. You can only learn the lessons from the way you’ve used it and use it better now.

The Essence

Your time is valuable, and thus, you must learn to make the most of it. Your life depicts the choice you make with your time. Therefore, you can change your life by changing what you do with your time.

The core of great time management is discovering which activities should occupy your time and focus on them. As you can imagine, all activities aren’t created equal. And you manage your time effectively to the extent that you’re able to identify high-value activities and invest your time in them. The more valuable an activity, the greater the return you can get on your investment of time.

Vision and Values

If you don’t feel you’re managing your time effectively, it’s because the “wrong” activities are occupying your time. To improve your time management skills, you must figure out which activities are worthy of your time. This isn’t easy. But a good place to start is with your vision and values. Activities that bring a high value to your life are activities that help you achieve your vision while keeping you align with your values.

Your vision gives direction to your life; it defines your goals. It answers the question, “What do you see for your life?” Your values define what you stand for. They answer the question, “What are you about?” When you have a clear vision and strong values, you can sift through a pile of activities and identify the ones that truly add value to your life.

Passion and Strengths

In addition to your vision and values, your passion and strengths can also help you determine which of all the “good” activities (i.e., activities that align with your vision and values) should get your attention. The fact is: you’re not good at everything and not every activity light ups your heart. The best activities for you are those that leverage your strengths and light you up.

Your passion defines the activities that energize you and drive you forward. Your strengths indicate the activities you can perform effectively.

Once you’ve identified these activities that align with your vision and values and that leverage your passion and strengths, you must invest your time and energy in them; the essence of great time management is investing your time on the activities that matter most.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.