The Importance of Setting Boundaries

Your time is limited. Your money is limited. Your daily reservoir of energy is limited. Your talents are limited. In short, your resources are limited.

Because your resources are limited, saying “Yes” to one thing means saying “No” to a million others.

When you use your money to buy, say, a new computer, you no longer have that money to buy a million other products. Likewise, when you use your time to watch a 2-hour movie, you no longer have that time to

Likewise, when you use your time to watch a 2-hour movie, you no longer have that time to

The same can be said about your energy, your talents, and your other resources. Using them on one activity means sacrificing a million other activities.

You get the point, I’m sure.

Part of your results rests on your ability to say “Yes” to the right things. And that’s a discipline you must develop and maintain; there are many forces that a working against you to make you squander your resources.

For instance, people have agendas, and as part of their agendas, they have things they would like you to do for them—especially if you’re gifted and have a reputation for getting things done.

Now, lending a helping hand to others is honorable, and you should do so whenever possible.

However, if you’re not careful, if you don’t set clear boundaries, others will assail your life with requests and demands and push you to say “Yes” to the wrong things. Unintentionally perhaps, they’ll place their load on your and add to your plate indefinitely. Before you know it, you’ll be stressed out and frustrated; your life will be completely out of your hands.

Don’t blame others for having wants and needs and for asking you to fulfill them. Don’t hold grudges against them for seeking to get a piece of you. They’re often unaware that they’re infringing on your time and adding on your already too full plate. It’s not their responsibility to set boundaries for you; it’s yours.

As the steward of your resources, it’s your responsibility to ensure their best use.

Once you’ve established your boundaries, you must let others know when they step out of bounds, otherwise, they won’t know.

Setting boundaries protects you; it protects your resources and ensures you have enough for activities that truly matter to you. And keeping your focus on activities that matter is a key to achieving great results.