The One Rule to Achieving Any Great Goal

When you set a great goal for yourself, you intend to achieve it. No one starts pursuing a goal with the intention (and desire) to fail.

People want to reach their goals. But what does it really take to reach a goal? I mean a great goal, a meaningful goal.

As you can imagine, it takes a few things to reach your goal: money, connections, a plan of action, etc. All these are important to achieving your goal. But, at the core, they’re not what will determine whether you reach your goal or not.

During your life, you pursue a variety of goals. The people who help you along the way may vary. From goal to goal, the money and resources you need may vary. Each goal requires its own plan.

However, the common element in all your goals is “you”. Ultimately, your goals rest on you.

The One Rule

This brings me to the one rule to achieving any great goal: To achieve your goal, you must become the person your goal demands that you become.

This may sound simple—and to some extent it is. But it’s not easy. It’s not easy because becoming the person you need to become to achieve your goal isn’t easy: you must grow.

For example, if 3 years from now you want to earn 1 million dollars a year, then you have 3 years to become the type of person who earns 1 million dollars a year.

If you’re currently making 40 thousand dollars a year, then you have a lot of growing to do in a short period of time (3 years)—if you’re to achieve your goal. To reach your goal of earning a million dollars, you must first become a millionaire in your beliefs, behaviors, habits, and skills.

The Growth

When you’re preparing to pursue a great goal, ask yourself: “Who do I need to become to reach my goal?” If you can answer this question and commit to the journey of growth you’ll have to travel, you’ll inevitably reach your goal.

Growth and goals work together. The pursuit of a great goal is a journey of growth, where the person who completes the journey is an improved version of the person who started it.

Personal growth is the key to accomplishing your goal. The greater your goal, the greater your growth. And the more you grow, the greater goals you can successfully carry through.

If you’re stubborn and refuse to learn your growth lessons, you’ll have great difficulty reaching any great goals. In fact, if you refuse to grow, you’re unlikely to achieve your great goals.

Before you can achieve you a great goal, you must go through a growth process. Your ability to reach your goal depends on your ability to change, to grow. The faster you grow, the sooner you can achieve your goal. In short, to reach your goal, you must grow.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.