The One Thing You Must Do to Reach Your Goals

You have goals and dreams. There are things you want to see in the world. You want to contribute and make a difference. Your heart is in the right place. Your motives are pure: you want to serve and add value to others.

The only way you’re going to achieve all the great things you have in your heart is by doing the work. All these wonderful things you want to do in the world require work—and lots of it.

The challenge with many people is that they have good intentions, but they don’t want to put the required efforts to get the results. But this doesn’t have to be your attitude. You can get reach your goals provided that you commit to doing the work.

In the TGIF (Thank-God-It’s-Friday) culture, work often gets bad press. That’s because people are doing work they’re not passionate about; they don’t find meaning in their work.They love Fridays and dread Mondays; they live for the weekend.

Often, their only incentive is the injection of funds they get in their bank account; they work for a paycheck. There’s nothing wrong with earning a paycheck. But meaningful work brings much more than a paycheck. It allows you to contribute and leave a legacy. It pushes you to tap into your potential and exercise your creativity muscle. It connects you with like-minded people.

There is no substitute for work; neither should there be. Work is a blessing. The ability to use your talents and skill to pursue your goals, serve, and make a contribution is a wonderful gift.

If you want to achieve your dreams, you can be afraid of getting your hands dirty and doing some work. As long as you see work as a burden, you’ll never achieve all that you can. When you start seeing work as a blessing, everything changes. Your work starts to energize you, and you begin to find joy in it.

Whatever your work, give it everything you’ve got.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.