The Positive Attitude Challenge – Acknowledge Their Efforts

John works hard at his job. But no matter how hard he works, Matt, his boss, is never satisfied. He never says, “thank you”, or gives John a pat on the back. John, although he loves his job, feels unappreciated and is thinking about changing jobs.

Lucie is a straight A student—and a great kid overall. But every time she brings a report card home, her dad gives her a hard time for not hitting 100%. When she gets 92%, her dad asks, “Where are the 8 missing points?”. No word of appreciation. No word of encouragement.

If you think that this is far-fetched, think again. When I was a kid, I saw a girl be severely punished, as in whipped, by her mom for her school grades. When I looked at her report card, all her grades were above 85%. I was shocked. My parents would have thrown a party if one of us kids would have brought home such a report card. But she was getting physically punished for not hitting perfection.

There are people who, no matter what you do, are never satisfied. No matter how hard you try, it’s never good enough; they can’t be pleased.

If you ever had to deal with someone that “can’t get no satisfaction”, I’m sure you can testify that it’s not a positive experience. Their nitpicking attitude is far from what one would call a positive attitude.

Don’t let this be you.

Having high standards is commendable, but having impossible ones is discouraging because it makes others feel they’re never up to par in your eyes. After a while, they see you as an old, unpleasant grinch and just stop trying to please you.

I’m not suggesting you should endorse slackness but that you take the time to recognize when someone is trying hard and giving his or her best. Being blind to and unappreciative of other people’s efforts is regrettable. Be one who encourages others and helps them grow, not ones who makes them feel inadequate. Even if the person doesn’t “straight A” results, be appreciative their efforts and their contribution.

To cultivate a positive attitude, you must recognize when someone has given his or her best, and acknowledge his or her efforts. Saying “thank you” or “well done” or “congratulations” to someone who has given you their best, costs nothing but goes a long way.

Daily Decision

Decide that you’re going to open your eyes to other people’s efforts and offer support and encouragement to them.

Daily Challenge

Today, your challenge is to offer words of appreciation and encouragement to someone who has been making a lot of effort in an area of their life.

It might be your daughter who has been working hard at keeping her room tidy. It’s not perfect but she’s giving her best effort.

It might be an employee who has been working hard in an effort to master an area of his or her job.

It might be your husband who has been working at communicating his feelings more clearly.

There are people around who are giving their best and would love for you to acknowledge them.

Daily Affirmation

I’m an encourager.