The Positive Attitude Challenge – Endure the Process

Last Thursday, in the middle of the night, after about 3 hours of labor my wife gave birth to our fourth child. Hallelujah! We’re overwhelmed with joy and thankful for this great blessing.

My wife—and any woman who gave birth, for that matter—would tell you that the process she had to go through to carry and push out that baby wasn’t easy. In fact, it was hard. I won’t pretend that I know how it feels. But being at her side gave me a front-row seat to the excruciating process she had to go through—and, I’m told, that she has it easy in comparison to many.

Here’s the deal. Anytime you want to birth out something significant you have to endure a process. In most cases, the journey towards your goals and dreams is harder than you wished it were. It takes longer than expected. It rarely goes exactly as planned. You face challenges, setbacks, and opposition. You make mistakes that put the journey in peril. You don’t get the support you expected. You’re criticized. You give, give, give, and feel you’re not getting much in return (at first). So many forces seem against you.

Facing all these barriers can be discouraging and cause you to simply give up and go slouch on your couch with a bag of potato chips, watching soap operas all day.

The journey to your God-given dreams isn’t facile, and aborting mission is sometimes more appealing than persisting forward.

You’ll face moments when you feel that the heat is on and you want to escape the kitchen. In these moments, your attitude makes or breaks you. If you indulge in self-defeat and self-pity and embrace a victim mentality, you’re cooked.

Refuse to relent and to let circumstances have the best of you. To birth your dreams, you must endure the process—however long it takes. You can’t abort mission prematurely. You must push through. And when you do, it produces spectacular results.

To cultivate an unshakable positive attitude, you must accept to endure the process that leads you to your desired destination. You can’t give in to discouragement every time you hit a bump on the road. You can’t turn back every time you come across an obstacle. You must be resilient. To get great results, you must demonstrate great resolve.

Daily Decision

Decide that you’ll endure the process and persevere until you reach your goal and refuse to let yourself be overwhelmed by discouragement.

Daily Challenge

Today, your challenge is to do one thing that will bring you a step forward towards one of your goals. Choose a goal that’s been challenging you or one that you’ve put on the ice because it was too hard, and do something—anything—that pushes you forward in the direction of that goal.

For example, if you started writing a book and you’ve put it on the ice because the going got tough, pick that book back up and write 250 words on one of the chapters.

Daily Affirmation

I won’t quit.