The Positive Attitude Challenge – Give The Team Your Best

A collaborative spirit is important in life; great goals are achieved in teams, and teams demand a high level of collaboration. Success is indeed a team sport.

Here’s the deal. In teams, you don’t always get your way; a team is a constant give-and-take. Sometimes your ideas are best; sometimes they’re not. Sometimes your suggestions and recommendations are followed; sometimes they’re not. And you may not agree with every decision your team leader makes and every course of action he or she chooses. But that doesn’t mean you should hold back and stop giving the team your best.

Don’t drop the ball simply because you didn’t like the play the quarterback called. Don’t leave the house just because the walls are not being painted the color you wanted. Don’t let the team down just because someone else’s idea was chosen over yours. Be a team player, not a we-do-it-my-way-or-else-I-do-nothing player.

How you interact and collaborate with others reveal a whole lot about your attitude. Your attitude affects the team and the team’s ability to get its desired result. A negative attitude (from any of the team members) erodes the team’s cohesion and slows down progress.

You won’t always agree with your spouse. You won’t alway agree with your colleagues. You won’t always agree with your teammates. That doesn’t grant you a license to slack off and withhold the best you can offer. It can be tempting to pull back when the team isn’t going in the direction you want. But pulling back doesn’t help the team achieve its goals.

As long as the team isn’t going in an immoral and unethical direction, be loyal to the team. Give your best at all times—just as you would expect others to give their best if the team would have gone with your idea and in your direction.

To cultivate a positive attitude, you must give the team your best—always; that’s having a team spirit, which is a vital component of a positive attitude.

Daily Decision

Decide that you will give your best at all times and not hold back your best efforts because you disagree with a decision. Commit to performing your responsibilities with excellence.

Daily Challenge

Your challenge today is to focus on giving your best in a team effort. Whether the team is at work or at school or at church, whether it’s a sport’s team or a music band or a marketing team—whatever team(s) you’re involved in, show up with your “A” game today.

Daily Affirmation

I’m a team player and I give my best—no matter what.