The Positive Attitude Challenge – Give Them a Fair Chance

Nowadays, trust is hard to earn, easy to break, and once broken, it’s difficult to regain.

We want to be trusted. Trust is a currency and the people who trust us grant us a great gift; people’s trust is precious.

I’m sure you know what it feels like to have someone break your trust; your heart might as well have been pulled out of your chest. Maybe you trusted your ex with your heart, and she fumbled it. Maybe you trusted a friend with a deep secret and, in hindsight, posting it on social media might have been a better idea. Maybe you trusted your dad and he left the family home without giving any explanation (or news since).

It hurts.

Add to this, the many public breaches of trust we hear about:

  • A sleazy contractor charges money for home renovations and runs away with the money without performing the work he was paid for.
  • A deceitful politician makes lofty promises that she fails to fulfill once in power.
  • An unscrupulous investor lures people into handing him their life’s saving and pours the money into a Ponzi scheme.
  • A superstar actor cheats on his beautiful wife.
  • etc.

Having your heart shattered because of broken trust and seeing so many ostentatious public displays of untrustworthiness can push you to be on your guards and silently ask yourself: “Who can I trust?” And life experience has shown you that the fact that someone says, “You can trust me”, doesn’t mean they can be trusted.

It’s important to remember that not all contractors are sleazy, not all politicians are deceitful, and not all investors are crooks in suits. There are plenty of trustworthy people in the world. And you do yourself a great disservice when you view people as “guilty until proven innocent”: when you don’t give them the benefit of the doubt, so to speak.

Yes, trust is a risky business. And, yes, some people may try to abuse your trust. But most people are not out to get you. They’ll treat you just fine; they’re hard-working people who have strengths and weaknesses like everyone else.

We’re not talking about giving your credit card number or bank card pin to a complete stranger (or to someone you know well for that matter). We’re are talking about having a positive disposition towards others. I mean it’s a sad thing to go through life keeping people at bay for fear of being hurt. Being suspicious of people you meet, viewing them as “guilty until proven innocent”, won’t help you cultivate a positive attitude.

To cultivate a positive attitude, you must learn to give people a fair chance. Expect them to operate in integrity and see them as friends rather than enemies.

Daily Decision

Decide that you’ll give people a fair chance to show their true colors: give them the benefit of the doubt and be welcoming to them, rather than being suspicious and thinking they want to harm you.

Daily Challenge

Today, your challenge is to give everyone you meet and collaborate with the benefit of the doubt. Trust that they’re good, well-intentioned people who will do what they said they will do. And when you catch yourself being suspicious about someone, take the time to identify your reason for feeling that way. And if you don’t have a valid reason, give him or her a fair chance.

Daily Affirmation

I give people a fair chance.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.