The Positive Attitude Challenge – Help Them Up

Putting people down is easy. Everyone has something—in fact, many things—worthy of embarrassment. We all have a slew of attributes that can be criticized, weaknesses that can be reprimanded, flaws that can be condemned. We all make mistakes and have idiosyncrasies that give others ammunitions to put us down.

No one is perfect. Thus, you don’t have to look very far to find reasons to put someone down.

But putting people down doesn’t edify anyone and doesn’t really help you move your life forward. It may flatter your ego and give you a false sense of superiority, but, in the end, it profits no one. You don’t need to bring people down to bring yourself up.

I have been married for more than a decade now, and my wife could probably list many of my weaknesses, idiosyncrasies, flaws, and mistakes. If she wanted to, she could nag me and give me a hard time.

Conversely, I could do the same to her: I could hold her weaknesses against her and put her down. But, would this profit either of us? Not at all. We both understand that we’re still under construction: a work in progress. And our job is to build each other, help each other grow, and push each other up, not put each other down.

People fall. They don’t need you to trip them. They need you to help them up and push them up.

Granted, some people’s weaknesses get on your nerves. For example, Terence talks too much and needs to learn when to be quiet. Francine is forgetful. Lucie is always late… That’s not a reason to flog them. I don’t mean that you should be permissive. But instead of using your stick to beat them down, use it to reach out to them.

Don’t beat on people because they’re weak in an area that you’re strong in. Be a friend, not an enemy. Uplift them and help them improve. Also, don’t forget that their weaknesses don’t give you the whole picture; they also have strengths. Recognize their strengths and support them in their area of weakness.

To cultivate a positive attitude, you must commit to helping people up: helping them grow and become a better version of themselves, refraining from nagging them about their weaknesses and making them feel like failures because of their mistakes.

Daily Decision

Decide that, instead of putting people down because of their weaknesses and mistakes, you’ll uplift them and help them become better.

Daily Challenge

Today, your challenge is to find someone you can help in an area of life you know them to be weaker in and offer them your help.

Daily Affirmation

I push people up, not pull them down.