The Positive Attitude Challenge – Hold Uplifting Private Conversations

A bad conversation depletes your soul, a good one energizes it, and a great one fires you up and propels you forward.

In fact, some conversations inspire you to elevate your thinking, expand your vision, raise your standards, and pursue your dreams. These conversations have such a positive impact on you. They inspire you. They empower you. They motivate you. They make you a better person.

Other conversations have the complete opposite effect: they poison your mind, shackle your feet, and break your spirit.

Conversations are powerful. Perhaps, the most powerful of all are the conversations you have with yourself. You know those conversations that no one else but you hears: the conversations you have when you’re riding in your car by yourself, lost in the meanders of your thoughts; or when you’re in the shower, thinking about something that happened the day before; or at night, curved in your bed, when all other ears are asleep.

You spend your days holding private conversations with yourself. Most of this chatter goes on unnoticed, yet those conversations have a significant impact on you.

The question is: Are these private conversations inspiring you or bringing you down? Does your self-talk help you cultivate a positive or a negative attitude?

The way you speak to yourself is vital. In fact, what others say about you and to you is far less important than what you say about yourself and to yourself. You can’t control what others say or do. But you can control what you say to yourself and the way you speak to yourself.

Your personal conversations may be depleting your soul without you even realizing it.

Negative self-talk is debilitating. It doesn’t serve you. The negative labels you place on yourself either. Saying things like “I’m so dumb!” or “I’m so stupid!” doesn’t uplift your soul but crushes it. Why afflict yourself in such a way? There are enough people in the world who will seek to beat you down; no need to flog yourself.

It’s true that you’re not always at your best and that you sometimes make foolish mistakes. But that’s no reason to emotionally spank yourself. Instead of beating yourself down for making a mistake, for not being proficient an activity, for not being able to do something, or for whatever other reason, speak to yourself in a positive way. Learn from your mistakes, laugh about yourself, and extend grace to yourself, remembering that you—like everyone else—are on a journey to mastery.

To cultivate a positive attitude, you must hold uplifting private conversations: speak positively to yourself.

Daily Decision

Decide that, from now on, you will speak to yourself in an empowering way and will refrain from speaking to yourself in a derogatory way.

Daily Challenge

Today, your challenge is to spend 15 minutes holding an empowering conversation with yourself. During the rest of the day, monitor your self-talk to determine if your usual private conversations are helping you or hindering you.

Daily Affirmation

I speak to myself in an empowering way.