The Positive Attitude Challenge – Keep Getting Taller

When I began high school, I was very short. In fact, I was one of the shorter ones in my class. By then, my 2 years younger brother had already passed me, to the point that people sometimes wondered which of us was the older one.

When I got to biology class and learned that guys can grow until their early to mid-twenties, I anticipated that I might grow a few more inches by the time I finish college. I did. And towards the end of my high school years, I was taller than some of my schoolmates who were taller than me when we started high school.

Biology tells us that guys grow most before the age of 18, but many grow until 21 and some even until 25. As for the ladies, they stop growing at around 14 or 15, but some can grow until 18.

Of course, everyone’s growth spurts are different. What this tells us, though, is that there’s a period of our lives when we grow physically and then growth stops. After that period, we pretty much stay the same height (or shrink a little) for the rest of our lives.

Unfortunately, some people do the same to their personal growth: while young and still in school, they learn and grow tremendously, but once they graduate and leave the school benches, they stop growing. Some haven’t picked up a book—let alone a book that can help them grow personally—since they’ve left school. Were it not for the news and gossip websites, they wouldn’t read at all—reading a phone bill or an advertisement flyer doesn’t really count.

Reading isn’t the only way to grow, agreed. However, this simply highlights the general mindset they have adopted: “I’ve learned what I had to learn; now, let me live.”

Life is a journey of growth. No matter how “tall” you are, you can always get taller. That is, you never really arrive; there’s always room for growth. You can always improve on who you are as a person.

A commitment to continuous growth is a stamp of a positive attitude. It says, “I know I have not arrived. I’m a work in progress, and I’m committed to this journey of becoming a better version of me.” And as you get better, everyone you’re connected with gets affected positively.

Contrary to physical growth, when it comes to personal growth—your growth as a person—you can get taller and taller. And cultivating a positive attitude demands that you indeed keep getting taller.

Daily Decision

Decide that you’re going to commit to continuous growth and refuse to remain stagnant, become complacent, or settle for mediocrity.

Daily Challenge

Today, your challenge is to do something that is going to push you to grow: something that stretches you beyond your comfort zone. It might be as simple as starting to learn a new language online, a musical instrument, how to cook, how to manage your time better, how to set goals or anything else that contributes to your growth. The important thing is to break the status quo and take a step forward, even if only a small step.

Daily Affirmation

I grow every day.