The Positive Attitude Challenge – Let’s Start Strong

A positive attitude plays a crucial role in the results you get in life. As Winston Churchill put it, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Indeed, it does make a huge difference. In fact, if you’re not progressing at the pace you should, it might be because your attitude is hindering your progress. To get your life into gear, you must change your attitude.
Change your attitude, change your life. Andrew Carnegie said it this way, “All human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes. ” You’re not servile to your attitude. You can decide to change and take the necessary steps to steer your life in a different direction.  To a great extent, you decide your attitude, and then your attitude defines your destiny.  Thus, it’s vital that you become intentional about cultivating a positive attitude.
Like maintaining great health, cultivating a positive attitude is a lifelong journey, not a destination. We are all on this journey and we can all increase our level of positivity.
To help you do that, during the month of January, I’ll share with you a daily challenge that touches on one aspect of developing a positive attitude. This is the Positive Attitude Challenge. This Challenge is specifically designed to bring to light the areas of your life in need of a little more positivity. And more importantly, it aims to equip you for the journey of fostering an unshakable positive attitude.
As you go through the challenge, you’ll become aware of areas of your life that require special attention. And when you commit to change, your life will be better for it. Rare are the people who self-identify as a negative person: someone with a negative attitude. No one says, “I’m a negative person.” However, we are sometimes more negative than we realize.
Every day, I’ll contrast both a common negative attitude and the positive alternative, and your challenge will be to live out the positive alternative. In addition, as part of your daily challenge, I’ll ask you to make a daily decision and to memorize and repeat a daily affirmation.
I hope the Positive Attitude Challenge will help you start 2017 strong.

Daily Decision

Decide that you are going to embark on this journey of cultivating a positive attitude.

Daily Challenge

Your first challenge is simply this. Today, observe you behavior and notice the situations where you’re negative. It might be when you are stuck in traffic or when you interact with someone who rubs you the wrong way or while you’re watching TV or scrolling through your Facebook feed. Your daily challenge is simply to become aware of how negativity manifests in your life.

Daily Affirmation

I choose to have a positive attitude, no matter what.