The Positive Attitude Challenge – Recycle Failure

You fail—at times. And by “fail”, I mean you don’t always get your desired end result—at least, not at first try. You work hard at reaching a goal only to miss your target:

  • You spent many sleepless nights studying for an exam and fail it.
  • You pour your heart and soul to save your marriage but it still ends up in divorce.
  • You invest time, energy, and money to build your business and it still goes belly-up.
  • You toiled on your first book and now you’re collecting rejection letters from publishers who refuse to publish your work.
  • etc.

It’s tempting to beat yourself down and feel worthless when you come to the “end” of the road only to realize that all your efforts didn’t pay off.

You “fail”. But when you fail, all isn’t lost. Failure isn’t final. Your “failures” don’t have to go to waste; they can be recycled.

First, failure is a tip-off. It’s a signpost telling you that it’s time to make a turn. Temporary failure may simply mean that you need to recalibrate and move in a better direction. And when you make that turn, you end up at a much better place than you had initially imagined. That publishers refuse to publish your book, doesn’t have to be the end of your book publishing journey. It may just mean that you need to take a different route: perhaps, the self-publishing route.

Second, failure is a test. It tests your resolve. Failure gives you an opportunity to show what you’re made off and to answer the question, “How bad do you want it?”—whatever “it” is. That you failed the test once doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the certification; you can take the exam again. Many people, celebrities and “nobodies” alike, have recycled failure into fuel that propelled them forward.

Third, failure is a teacher. It teaches you things about yourself, others, and the world. You can learn a great deal from your failures. When your business goes belly-up, it doesn’t have to be for none. You can learn and grow from the experience. For instance, you can list the lessons learned so that your next business gets a better chance at succeeding. Every failure holds seeds of wisdom that you must excavate.

Fourth, failure is a trainer. It is a coach that reveals your attitude and pushes you to develop it. You aren’t worthless because your marriage failed. Don’t let failure have the best of you and destroy your self-esteem; you have value beyond your failures and shortcomings. And failure doesn’t reduce that value. To avoid feeling worthless when things go wrong, you must adopt and develop the right mindset.

Times of failure are great moments to examine your attitude and to develop it. To cultivate a positive attitude, you must learn to recycle your failures. You can’t let your failures go to waste.

Daily Decision

Decide to you’ll recycle your failures and seek to learn and grow from them.

Daily Challenge

Today, your challenge is to extract every seed of wisdom, every lesson you can learn from every situation that doesn’t go how you wished it had. In addition, reflect on one of your recent “failures” and write down 3 things you’ve learned from this experience.

Daily Affirmation

I learn from every situation.