The Positive Attitude Challenge – Retire From the Game

Here’s the deal. You’re responsible for your results in life—not the government, not your employer, not your friends, not the economy, … You are. Therefore, if your life isn’t where you want it to be, if you’re not pleased with your results, if things aren’t going the way you’d like them to go, don’t blame others. Take ownership for your results and make things right.

Some people are professionals at the blame game. When something doesn’t go right, they blame others. No matter what happens, it’s not their fault. If they’re late for work, they blame it on dense traffic. Never mind that they left home at the last minute because they slept late the night before, watching YouTube clips, and had trouble getting out of bed.

If their financial condition isn’t what they wish it to be, they blame the economy or their employer (for not paying them enough). Never mind that, in their living room, sits a top-of-the-line, 65 inches, 4K Ultra HD HDR LED Smart TV; and that they’re carrying an iPhone 7 Plus in their pocket.

If they clash and argue with their spouse (or anyone else for that matter), they put all the blame on him or her. Doing so, they fail to recognize that they too stepped in the ring and played a central role in the fight. They believe that they’re white as snow and that it’s their spouse who owes them the apology. Never mind that they, themselves, were disrespectful.

Playing the blame game doesn’t profit you. It robs you of your power to alter the situation because in your mind someone or something else is responsible for changing that situation. In reality, you are responsible, and if you have the right perspective, the right mindset, you can make things better.

Always blaming others suggests that you’re perfect and above making mistakes. Of course, this isn’t true. Like everyone else, you do make mistakes—and lots of them.

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Ultimately, you’re the steward of your life and thus hold the key to the results you get in life. In fact, your life will be what you make of it. You had some bad breaks in the past. I get it. But remember that, with God’s help and guidance and the right people in your life, you can improve any situation.

To cultivate a positive attitude you must retire from the blame game.

Daily Decision

Decide to take responsibility for your results and to retire from the blame game.

Daily Challenge

Today, when situations don’t unfold as expected, take ownership and refrain from placing the blame on others (or on the situation itself). Instead, think about the role you played in the situation and find ways to turn things around and to prevent the situation from happening again.

For example, if you get into an argument with someone, reflect on how to contributed to this explosive situation (instead of automatically clamoring that it’s their fault). Also, bear in mind that the purpose of this reflection isn’t to blame yourself but to make things better: be part of the solution, not the problem.

Daily Affirmation

I blame nothing and no one; I’m responsible for my results.