The Positive Attitude Challenge – Use Your Creativity Well

You’re creative, perhaps even ingenious. The question is: Are you using your creativity well? More specifically, in the context of this challenge, “Are you using your creativity in a positive way?”

As you know, being creative doesn’t necessarily imply that your creativity is being used positively, just like having a knife doesn’t mean using it for good. For example, one might use their creativity to exploit others as one might use a knife to harm others.

You may have met geniuses who are using their brains for not-so-commendable ventures. They’re using their creativity to craft machinations and promote illegal enterprises.

Not a positive way to use your creativity.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not one to use your creativity in such a way. However, one of the ways you may be using your creativity unproductively—and you’re not alone in this—is to make excuses.

Making excuses is an art form. When I was a kid in school, I was introduced to this art form: craft a story that seems plausible and that get you off the hook. My friends and I would very creative ways to explain why our homework wasn’t done or why we weren’t in school the day before or why we were gallivanting in a forbidden part of the school.

Of course, teachers could often see right through these excuses. In hindsight, the energy spent conjuring up excuses would have been better invested doing actual work and learn something in the process.

Unfortunately, habits develop as kids often follow us into adulthood, and this one isn’t a constructive one to journey with; it should have been left on the school benches.

Finding excuses not to show up to work is not so different than finding excuses for not showing up at school. And finding excuses not to perform your work is not so different than finding excuses for not doing your homework. And, like teachers, people can see right through these excuses.

Again, not a positive way to use your creativity.

A better way to use your creativity is to find solutions to challenges, obstacles, and setbacks you face along your journey. And when you make mistakes—and you will make some—instead of wasting time and creative brainpower imagining excuses, take ownership and use your creativity to improve the situation and solve any issues that might have been created.

To cultivate a positive attitude, you must commit to using your creativity to find solutions, not excuses.

Creativity is indispensable to your journey. But, to profit from it, you must use it well.

Daily Decision

Decide that, instead of making excuses, you’ll use your creativity to find solutions and ways to improve any situation you’re in.

Daily Challenge

Today, your challenge aims to help you use your creativity in a positive way. When, in the course of your day, something under your care goes wrong, don’t make any excuses. Take responsibility for it, apologize if you need to, and seek for creative ways to make things right.

Daily Affirmation

I am creative; I’m a solution finder.