The Price of Personal Freedom

You want to be free. All of us do. Something inside of you pushes you to seek to be free: free to realize your potential; free to pursue your goals and dreams; free to express your true self; free to make a contribution to the world; free to live out your faith; free to support your political persuasions; free to live life to the fullest…

The human spirit longs to be free. That’s why it fiercely resists oppression.

You want to be free. But are you ready to pay the price of freedom? I hope your answer is, yes, because there are no real alternatives—at least none that compare.

There’s a price to pay for your personal freedom, and it’s a big one. The price of personal freedom is personal responsibility. Freedom gives you the power to choose, and with that power, comes responsibility for the choice.

You probably remember this line from the movie Spider-Man: “With great power come great responsibility.” Well, freedom is “great power”, and it comes with “great responsibility”.

You’re free to choose what you do with your God-given potential. That also means you’re responsible for what you choose to do (or not do) with that potential.

You’re free to choose how you make a contribution to the world. That also means you’re responsible for that contribution (or lack thereof).

You’re free to choose how you live your life. That also means you’re responsible for the way you live it.

Responsibility means you can’t blame anyone else and make excuses for your lack of results or your lack of progress.

You want to be free. You are; you’re responsible.

If you allow procrastination have the best of you, you’re responsible.

If you let fear to confine you, you’re responsible.

If you indulge in complacency and mediocrity, you’re responsible.

If you give in to distractions, you’re responsible.

You don’t want to be a chicken in a chicken coop. You want to be free like the eagle. Great! You’re responsible for finding your own food; it’s the price to pay.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.