The Ripple Effect of Procrastination

When the mayor of a city procrastinates on an important decision or on an important activity, the effects aren’t only personal, they are collective. They affect the mayor’s city—and potentially the effects can reach beyond the city’s border.

When a political figure procrastinates, the same thing.

When a medical professional procrastinates on a patient’s file, it affects the patient.

When you procrastinate on the job, the effects aren’t only personal; they affect the deliverable of the organization you work for. When you procrastinate at home, your family is affected.

Procrastination has consequences, and these consequences aren’t only personal. When you procrastinate, it affects others. In that sense procrastination isn’t just a private issue; it also has a collective component to it.

Imagine if the most brilliant minds of our generation are procrastinators. What a loss for all of us. People who could have created great inventions, which would make all our lives easier, are sitting idle and squandering their time on useless activities, refusing to tackle their important projects.

You can’t stop people from procrastinating; you don’t control what others do with their time and potential. However, you can control your decisions and actions: you can decide to resist the urges to procrastinate, remembering that you have an important contribution to make, which people need.

You’re brilliant in your own way, and someone will benefit from your work. When you procrastinate, it’s a loss for all of us. However, if you can overcome procrastination and produce the great work you were meant to share with the world, you get to enrich the lives of many people.

The next time you’re tempted to give in to procrastination, remember that procrastination has a ripple effect, and thus, someone might be in dire need of your contribution. You have important work to produce, and you can’t afford to procrastinate. Take action.

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Vladimir Elie

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