The Secret of Expressing Your Potential

You’re capable of much more than what you have accomplished so far. No matter your age and past achievements, you still have a lot to offer and a massive contribution to make. You have great potential, and a good part of it is still untapped.

Many people never realize that they’re settling for far less than their portion; they could have achieved far more, but it never dawned on them. They sit on their tremendous potential and fail to share it with the world. It’s unfortunate.

They could have written wonderful books and songs, created magnificent paintings and sculptures, launched valuable businesses and humanitarian initiatives, produced life-changing movies and live events, etc. Instead, they settle and hoard their potential.
Potential is meant to be expressed. It’s intended to be used to serve others and add value to their lives.

You may have felt that you’re not operating to your full capacity and thus not contributing as much as you could. But this doesn’t have to be your lot. You can express your potential. In fact, you must.

But what does it take to express your potential? The answer is simple but not easy.

The way you express your potential is by placing demands on it. You won’t share the treasures that are locked inside of you if you’re not ready to put demands on yourself.

In fact, you express your potential in the same way that you extract oil from the olive and toothpaste out of the tube: by applying pressure on yourself. It’s the pressure that allows you to express what’s inside of you.

You can’t tap into your potential and maximize it from the place of comfort. You can settle and slouch on the couch of complacency and maximize your potential at the same time. You can’t have complacency and growth at the same time.
You must place demands on yourself. You place demands on yourself by challenging yourself to achieve greater goals, grow more, serve better, seek to excel, stay disciplined, and work hard.

To tap into your potential, you must be ready to stretch and work like never before; you must overcome fear, take risks, and push; you must be willing to endure the excruciating process of growth and to explore new horizons.

If you seek comfort, you’ll never be able to express your potential; you’ll always try to avoid the pressure necessary for expressing your potential. When you want to build muscle mass, you need a must put a little weight on your muscles, as in “place demands on them.” That weight creates resistance and causes a bit of pain. But it’s necessary. Likewise, you must apply a bit of pressure on yourself to tap into your potential.

The secret of expressing your potential is this: place higher demands on yourself.

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Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.