The World Is Changing

Today, I did a 4-hour (round trip) drive under pouring rain, even at moments, thunderstorms. Nothing special there; except that, in the region where I live (Ottawa, Canada), thunderstorms in February aren’t typical, in fact, they’re unheard of. Traditionally, February is freezing cold, as in -25 degrees Celsius—on a “warm” day. Thus, pouring rain is very unusual (and temperature above 0 degree Celsius as well).

As I was driving, trying not to hydroplane off the road, I was perplexed. How was this possible? This isn’t winter temperature. These aren’t February winter conditions. This isn’t supposed to happen.

Yet, this is a winter temperature; we’re in winter and the current temperature is above 0. These are February winter conditions; we’re in February and these are the current conditions. This is happening, and no amount of perplexity changes the fact that it’s happening, right here, right now.

No matter what I think February should look like doesn’t change how it actually looks: very different than what I would have expected.

It dawned on me that, it doesn’t matter how I would like it to be, how I expect it to be, how I’m used to seeing it be. It doesn’t change how it actually is.

Here’s the deal. The world is very different from the one you grew up in, and perhaps very different than what you had expected it to be.

The world has changed, is changing, and will continue to change.

No matter how attached you were to handwritten letters, that time is gone.

No matter how attached you were to kids playing in the middle of the street, that time is gone.

No matter how strange it seems to you that toddlers are navigating your tablet and other mobile devices like it’s nobody’s business, you won’t stop the trend.

No matter how “opposed” you are to social media, digital communication and connections are not going away anytime soon.

You can say that it shouldn’t rain in February because, in the past, it hasn’t been that way; it doesn’t change the fact that it’s raining. You can be nostalgic about the way “it use to be” and long to go back there, but the world isn’t going back to roaming the streets on horses—not unless these are robotic horses.

When you resist change instead of embracing it and leveraging it, you become crippled. The world is moving at the speed of light, while you’re still moving at the speed of “walk”. If you plan to do great work in the world, you can’t afford to put yourself at such serious disadvantage.

The world will continue to change. But will you adapt? Will you thrive?