This One Realization Will Free You From Procrastination

If you’ve struggled with procrastination, you know that procrastination is a tough enemy. Although it sometimes pretends to be your friend, it’s not. It doesn’t have your best interest at heart; procrastination is selfish and it delights in seeing you miss opportunities and squander your potential.

Like a brutal dictator, procrastination resists any insurgency. And despite all your good intentions to overcome procrastination and change your ways, procrastination continues to rule your life, suppress your potential, and hamper your progress.

Because you’re reading this post, I’m assuming you’re committed to beat procrastination—or at least to loosen its grip on your life.

The truth is that procrastination continues to freely control your life because you’re letting it. At any moment, you can decide that enough is enough and overthrow it.

You’re one decision away from breaking the chains of procrastination. And there’s a realization that can help you find the strength to loose yourself from those chains.

Here it is: you’re going to die. Let me say it again: YOU’RE GOING TO DIE. That’s right. While you’re procrastinating, life is passing you by. Opportunities are passing you by. Your goals and dreams are dying for lack of attention. Your potential goes untapped (and untapped potential is a waste).

Your music goes unheard because you didn’t create it. Your books never stir people’s imagination because you never wrote them. Your business never offers great products because you never launch it. Your degree never gets to hang on your wall because you never complete it. And so on.

Slaved by procrastination, you kept saying, “Later”, but “later” never came. Turns out, “later” often means “never”.

Get this. You don’t have that much time to achieve everything you want to achieve. Thus, you don’t have the luxury to procrastinate. You are in a race against the clock. And any moment you give to procrastination is a moment you no longer have to make your contribution to the world.

When you understand that you’ve been given have a short moment of history to make your difference, it creates a sense of urgency that gives you the energy to shake off the chains of procrastination and get moving forward.

You have great work to do, and you’ve waited long enough to do it. You can achieve a lot in your lifetime, but you can’t afford to let procrastination still your best years.

Procrastination has had its chance. Now, let “action” have its chance. It’s your time.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.