It May Be Time to Upgrade Your Mind

Your mind is powerful. With it you create, generate solutions, answer questions, imagine stories, write songs and program software, and the list goes on. To a great extent, your life is a reflection of what goes on in your mind. If you don’t like your current reality, one of the first things to work on is your mind. I can say with confidence that working at upgrading your mind will have a dramatic, positive impact on your life.

Recently, I upgraded my desktop computer. Sweet! It opened doors of possibilities that were close to me before, as my old system, which I purchased in 2005, was not equipped to cope with the technological advances of the past few years. Because of my current needs for computing power, an upgrade was necessary (okay, overdue…).

Your mind is like a personal computer you carry everywhere. I want to challenge you to always be seeking for ways to upgrade it. If you don’t do this, like my old computer, you may become unfit to cope with an ever-changing world. Never get stuck in outdated mindsets, obsolete ideas, and old ways of thinking.

The good news is that, as the steward of your mind, you can take necessary measures to upgrade it. You don’t have settle for the status quo. Here are a few upgrades you’ll need.

  • Upgrade your nutrition plan. What you feed your mind is critical. I know it’s a cliché, but if you feed your mind junk, don’t expect it to be healthy. What have you been feeding your mind? Pay close attention to the things you put in your mind: what you read, listen to, and watch. If you already have a good nutrition plan for your mind, I want to encourage you to step it up a notch.
  • Upgrade your associations. Who you spend your time with has a strong influence on you, and in particular on shaping your mind. Examine your associations and you’ll notice that there are two groups of people: people who help your mind stretch and people who make it shrink. As much as you can, surround yourself with the former, and stay away from the latter.
  • Upgrade your inner-conversation. For many, this will be the hardest area to upgrade, as many of our inner-conversations happen unconsciously. You must make a conscious effort to examine how you speak to yourself, and stop any disempowering conversation. The rewards of upgrading your inner-conversations are great. After all, you spend all your day with you. Make sure you’re in good company.

The next time you upgrade your computer – or anything else for that matter (phone, software application, tablet, etc.) – let it be a reminder that your mind needs continual upgrades too. An upgraded computer is a wonderful thing, but an upgraded mind is more to be desired.

Questions: How do you ensure your mind is always growing? You can leave a comment below.