To Reach Your Great Goal, You Must Be Ready for These 3 Surprises

You’ve been pondering over the prospect of pursuing a great goal:

  • losing 45 lbs to get back to your healthy body weight;
  • writing your first novel to share a story that’s been living in your heart for years;
  • launching your photography business, a side hustle that will give you a change of pace from your office job and allow you to express your creative side;
  • clearing $60 000 in debt, so you can be relieved of this financial pressure;
  • etc.

Full of excitement, you’re preparing to pursue that goal. But before you launch, make sure you are ready for these 3 surprises.

1. It Will Take Longer Than You Think

As you set out for your journey, you must remember that it’ll most likely take longer than you expect. If you’re pursuing a great goal be prepared for delays.

For instance, you’ll twist your ankle and won’t be able to train for two weeks, and it will delay your progress in reaching your goal of shedding 45 lbs. You’ll get sick and not be able to write for a week or two, and it will delay your novel…

Perseverance is a key ingredient for you to make through your journey. You can’t fold at the first sign of opposition and adversity. The journey will test your commitment to your goal. And you must show great resolve if you want to reach your destination.

Knowing that you’ll have delays, you can plan accordingly so that even when you encounter delays, you’re still able to reach your goal “on time”.

2. It Will Be Harder Than You Think

Great goals push you to stretch. They are uncomfortable; they demand that you deploy great effort.

Accept that the journey will be harder than you may think.

For instance, after your day job, while others are sitting in front of the TV, watching sitcoms, you’ll be wracking your brains, trying to spit out ideas for your novel. And eyes strained from spending too much time in front of the computer writing, you’ll be editing your drafts while others are sound asleep in bed.

Or, on weekends, after a long week of work, you’ll run around at people’s weddings, trying to capture memorable moments through the lens of your camera. And after, you’ll spend countless hours editing the pictures you’ve taken.

You have a great goal. Be prepared to work hard. Every day, show up on the field and leave everything on it. You must push.

3. It Will Cost More Than You Think

To reach your great goal, you must pay a price. And that price is greater than you think. It’s not only financial, but also emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and social. Your great goal may cost you leisure hours, sleep hours, emotional energy, hours you would otherwise spend with your friends, dollars you would otherwise spend on baubles, etc. Great goals require great sacrifices. Be ready.

A great journey is set before you. Be prepared for it to take longer, be harder, and cost more than you think.