Two Groups Of Negative People You Must Watch for

You’re making efforts to cultivate a positive attitude, but not everyone is. Negative people surround you from all sides.

They’re the cashier at the grocery store who appears to be bothered that you came shopping in their store. They’re your coworker who enjoys whining about the boss and complaining about the workplace. They’re the family member who goes out of their way to make the life of everyone in the family miserable. They’re drivers who sit behind the wheel intoxicated by rage and think it’s a good idea to take it out on you. They’re the gossipers who love trashing others.

When it comes to cultivating a positive attitude, there are two groups of negative people you must watch for, lest you get infected and affected by their negativity.

1. Those Who Use You As a Garbage Can

The first group of negative people you must watch for are those who use as a garbage can. These are people whose negativity isn’t directed at you per se—at least not in your face.

These people come to you to drop the trash of their negativity. They don’t attack you or stab you with their words. But they complain about situations and about other people to you. They waste hours criticizing the government, whining about their work, and complaining about the weather and the traffic.

They’re not trying to be mean you or make you feel bad. They just love to vent and spew negativity; it makes them feel better. They might have a tendency to put others down because it makes them feel higher. These people aren’t necessarily mean; they’re mainly insecure and bitter.

Although you may sometimes agree with the litany of their complaints, you must realize that all their complaining isn’t as innocuous as it seems. Although their negativity isn’t directed at you, they’re nonetheless negative people, whose attitude will have an impact on yours if you are not careful.

These people highlight lots of problems but propose no solutions. They use you as garbage can where they can come dump their junk. For your sanity, you may have to stay away from them. And if you can’t remove them from your circle, at least, limit your interactions with them.

2. Those Who Use You As a Punching Bag

The second group of people you must watch for are those who use you as a punching bag. These people are vicious. They’ve set their aim on you and throw jabs of negativity at you.

Their goal: to destroy you, or at least beat you down. They hold no punches to make you feel insecure, bad in your own skin, incompetent, unlovable, unhappy, unworthy, uncomfortable, anxious, hurt, and all the whole palette of negative emotions.

As much as you can, dodge their bullets. You can’t control how others act, but you can control how you react.

The worst you can do is to step down at their level and enter into a boxing match up with them; you sure to lose. In fact, neither one of you will win. They’ve already lost. No need to join them. Take the high road and continue your journey of growth and positivity. And if the context permits it, attempt to address the issue with them and if required, don’t hesitate to escalate the issue to people capable of dealing with it.

Negative people sap your energy. Those who use you as a garbage can weigh you down with their junk. Those who use you as a punching bag damage you with their blows. Be on the watch for negative people. Don’t let them pollute your life.

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Vladimir Elie

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