Use This Simple Strategy to Increase Your Productivity

Productivity is about producing your desired outcome (as the word “productivity suggests). As such, the output, both in quantity and quality, you produce determines your productivity.

The more quality work you produce, the higher your productivity. If you produce a lot of work, but it’s shoddy, your productivity suffers. If your work isn’t done right, you (or someone else) will have to patch it or do it again.

Conversely, if you produce excellent work but you don’t produce enough of it, your productivity is still scanty. For example, if you’ve been hired to write four quality articles per week, but you’re only able to produce one, you’ll be in trouble with your employer, who will eventually put you on a performance improvement plan.

Your level of productivity is affected by both the quantity and quality of the work you produce. In turn, the quantity and quality of your output are affected by your ability to focus on your work and apply the right amount of concentration to it. And as you know, your energy level and your ability to focus fluctuate throughout the day.

If you’re a morning person, your energy level is higher in the morning. Conversely, if you’re a night owl, you have more energy and focus at night. Perhaps, you’re one of the rare people who are high energy throughout the day. The important thing here is to increase your awareness of your energy levels throughout the day.

To increase your productivity, plan your most intellectually taxing and emotionally demanding tasks at the moments of the day when your energy is at its peak. You waste time when you try to tackle a hard task at a time of the day when your energy level and focus are low. A task that would take 1 hours ends up taking 3 hours.

Therefore, to refine your time management skills, match your tasks with your energy level. Of course, this may not be your only consideration, as you may have other constraints. However, being mindful of your level of energy and focus throughout the day can only help you become better at producing more quality work.

This simple strategy alone can boost your productivity.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.