Watch Out for These 4 Vision Killers

If you want to materialize your vision, you’ll need to protect your vision from vision killers. Here are four vision killers you should particularly be careful of.

1. Associations

Who associate with makes you or breaks you. When it comes to fulfilling your vision, people you associate with can help you or hinder you. Vision killers are people who, when you share your vision with them, give you all the reasons why your vision isn’t possible. They give you all the reasons why you’re not worthy of your vision. They give you all the reasons why your vision isn’t worth pursuing.

Of course, on the flip side, associating with the right people, can enhance and accelerate the materialization of your vision.

2. Distractions

To carry out your vision, you must stay focus until the end. At any point, you can get sidetrack by shiny objects and lose sight of your vision. And then, when you give in to the many distractions, weeks, months, years go by, and before you know it, a decade has gone by and you have done very little to move your vision forward.

Furthermore, if you pursue too many things at once, you’ll achieve little; your energy will be too scattered. If you aim at everything, you’ll hit nothing.

As you know, diffuse light isn’t as powerful as a laser beam; the laser beam is focused light. Remember, laser treatment is a popular method to correct your “vision”.

3. Impatience

It can take time for you to fulfill your vision. It rarely progresses as fast as you would like it to. When you’re impatient, you can get discouraged and give up too soon. In fact, on the road to fulfilling your vision, you will experience setbacks, you will face challenges, and if you quit you’ll never see it come to pass.

Your vision is like a seed that you must nurture. When you do, it grows progressively until it reaches maturity. Take the time to work on your vision.

4. Excuses

There are many reasons not to pursue your vision, and each is a good excuse not to take action. You can find excuses for procrastinating. You can find excuses to remain complacent. You can find excuses for giving in to fear. In the end, you are responsible fulfill your vision. The question is: Is your the reason for your vision more powerful than your excuses? Do you believe enough in your vision to take action and overcome your own excuses?

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.