What Habits Do You Need to Get There?

Habits are the drivers that lead you to a predetermined destination. Every day, they get you closer and closer to the destination of their “choice”—and often you don’t even realize it.

Show me someone’s habits and I’ll tell you where they’re going.

You don’t have to be a genius to know that the glutton who stuffs herself with donuts and junk food every day will end up overweight (and with health issues), but that if she changes her habits and becomes an athlete who eats well and exercises every day, she’ll end up at a very different place, a far better place.

Likewise, it’s not difficult to understand that the habit of saving your money (i.e. keeping more than you spend) and the habit of spending your money (i.e. spending more than you make) lead to two different destinations; or that the habit of saying positive, loving words to your spouse lead your relationship to a very different place than the habit of criticizing him or her.

Different habits. Different destinations.

When you choose your habits, you choose your destination. Better yet, you choose your habits, and they choose the destination; habits inevitably bring you there. No matter where you say you want to go, it’s your habits that decide where you end up.

To change the destination, you must change the drivers (your habits).

Let’s reverse it. Choosing your destination implies that you’re choosing to cultivate the habits that will get you there. If you don’t, there’s little hope that you’ll get to your desired destination anytime soon. Thus, when you set sail towards a destination, it’s smart to identify which habits you need to get there, and once you know what those habits are, to focus on developing them.

How to identify the habits you need? Well, look at the habits of the people who got there before you; success leaves clues.

Where do you want to take your life? Do you want to build a successful business? Do you desire to foster a vibrant relationship with your spouse? Do you aspire to write inspiring books or captivating stories? Do you long to be a professional musician?

What are your goals?

What habits do you need to get there? The sooner you find that out, the sooner you can cultivate them and begin to make strides towards your goals. And the beautiful thing about habits is that they get you there on “autopilot”.