What To Do When You Feel Stuck

Sometimes, on your journey towards your goal, you’ll feel as if you’re no longer moving forward: you feel stuck. When that happens, don’t panic; you’re not the only one who feels that way. Most significant goal know slower periods.

You may feel stuck for a variety of reasons. For instance, you may simply be going through the “normal slumps” inherent to pursuing great goals; or you may be waiting on someone else to provide you with information so that you can move forward; or you may simply be impatient, not wanting to wait the 9 months for the baby to come out (i.e. not wanting to go through the necessary process to reach your goal).

Whatever the reason, you don’t have to remain stuck—or at least remain with the feeling of being stuck.

Focus on Your Next Action-Step

When you feel stuck, focusing on your big goal might become a little overwhelming. Instead of letting your thoughts being consumed with worry, focus on taking the next step forward. Answer the question, “What is the next action-step I can take?”

To find your answer, you may need to brainstorm the possible steps you can take. The important thing is to take action once you find that step.

Your next action-step doesn’t have to be big. In fact, to minimize friction, make it as small as you can. If you keep taking small steps forward, you’ll eventually get unstuck.

Ask for Outside Help

Sometimes, all you need is someone from the outside to shed a different light on your situation or bring you external help. In fact, if you’re stuck in a “quicksand” situation, getting outside help is your best recourse.

You’re not the first one to feel stuck and you’re not the last one either. There are people who have been in similar situations before you and they would be glad to extend a helping hand to you. You simply need to ask. Leveraging the experience and expertise of trusted guides is a good way to get unstuck.

Listen to Your Situation

Situations speak. If you feel stuck, you may need to hear what your situation is trying to tell you. You must open your “ears”.

Perhaps your situation is telling you that you need rest and recharge your batteries. Perhaps it’s revealing that you’re not as motivated as you thought you were. Perhaps it’s telling you that you need to reevaluate some things and change some things in your life. Perhaps it’s trying to teach you lessons you must learn before going any further. Whatever the situation is saying, listen.

Every experience holds seeds of wisdom. And you can certainly learn and grow from the moments when you feel stuck. The lessons you extract from these moments can be beneficial for the rest of your journey, especially if you get stuck in a similar way again.

Feeling stuck isn’t fun. But if you do the right things during those moments, they can be the catalyst for tremendous growth. Not only do you get unstuck, but you’re better for having gone through the experience.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.