What to Expect on Your Journey Toward Your Great Goal

When a mother decides to have a baby, she knows that it’ll come with certain discomfort and pain. She’s not surprised at all when her belly begins to swell, and she starts feeling nausea and other discomforts of the pregnancy. And although she doesn’t know precisely when the pains of contraction will assault her, she knows that, at one point when she reaches term, they will come.

When the student decides to earn their degree, they know that it’ll come with high demands and that, at times, the journey will be hard. They know that they’ll have to undergo exams and have to spend many hours studying and working on various assignments. When students have to respond to the high demands of their teacher, they’re not surprised at all. They know that it’s part of the process and that they must persevere through it—if they hope to earn their degree.

When you decide to pursue an ambitious goal, you must be prepared for certain pains that come with pursuing a great goal. Too often, I see people who, with excitement, set out to pursue a great goal, only to let themselves get discouraged and panic (and sometimes quit) when they begin to endure some of the pains inherent to their journey.

You must know this. When you pursue a great goal, you must be prepared to face various challenges; things never unfold exactly how you plan. Thus, you must be flexible to adjust to unforeseen events, you must show great resolve to overcome obstacles, and you must tap into your creativity to resolve problems.

Obstacles, problems, and other challenges show up on every journey toward a great goal. Prepare as well as you can for your journey, but when the unexpected arises, no need to act surprised; you knew it was coming (you just didn’t know which “costume” it would be wearing).

Like the mother who doesn’t let the discomfort deter her from having her baby, don’t allow challenges deter you from your goal. You set out on the journey because you believed in your goal, and you don’t have to let obstacles deny you of it. You don’t have to retreat into a place of complacency. You can figure things out and press through.

On the road toward your goal, challenges test your commitment. They confirm that you mean business and are serious about your goal. The “lukewarm” don’t survive the journey; they quit. But this doesn’t have to be you.
In the end, great goals lead to great challenges. But if you have great resolve, you’ll reach your destination and reap your reward.

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Vladimir Elie

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