What You See Is What You Get

I was behind the wheel but didn’t know how to drive. I clutched the car wheel as if I was going to pull it out of the dashboard. Hyper-focused, I pressed on the accelerator and hit the road. It was dark. There were few cars on the road, but there were quite a few parked cars on the side of the street.

Worried that I might crash into one of those parked cars, I turned my eyes in their direction. Suddenly, my instructor, who was supervising my driving from the passenger side, grabbed the wheel and swung it to the left to bring the car back in its lane, and he said, “Focus on the road, not the parked cars; wherever you look, that’s where your car will go.”

Lesson learned. I was so focused on not smashing those parked cars that all my attention was on those cars, and that’s precisely where my car was going.

He said, “Look at the road far in front of you; this is where you’re taking your car…”

In life, where you look is where you get.

If your attention is focused on parked people, who are going nowhere, that’s exactly where you’ll get: nowhere. And you’ll smash your life.

If your mind is consumed with things you don’t want (rather than with the things you do want), that’s what you’ll attract: things you don’t want.

What you see is what you get.

Look at the road far in front of you. What do you see? This is where you’re taking your life.

If you see nothing for your life, you will get nothing.

Your life follows the direction of your vision. If you don’t like the direction of any area of your life—your career, your marriage, your finances, etc.—you must adjust your vision for that area.

Your past mistakes and your present state don’t have to shackle your future; If you can see something great, you can get somewhere great. Your vision sets your destination.

If you design a vision board, it’s not a bad idea… It ensures you don’t lose sight of where you’re going.

If you avoid distractions, it’s not a bad idea… They are dangerous; they put you and others in peril.

If you enlist mentors, it’s not a bad idea… They can swing you back on your lane when you’re losing your way.

If you engage others, it’s not a bad idea… It makes the journey that much more delightful.

You see something great. Excellent! Now, drive there.