Why Attitude and Aptitude Determine Your Altitude

To soar in your chosen field, you need two wings: attitude and aptitude. And to gain altitude, you must focus on both your attitude and your aptitude.


The starting point of an empowering attitude (i.e., an attitude that enables you to soar) is to believe that you can achieve your ambitious goals. That is, you must believe that you can grow into the person you were designed to be and that you possess the potential to materialize your vision and accomplish your dreams.

Also, when you face obstacles and opposition, you have a rock-solid resolve that propels you forward and prevents you from throwing in the towel. Because of your attitude, you don’t let challenges deter you. Your positive attitude allows you to rise above the storm and continue your flight.


A virtuoso pianist didn’t reach that level on attitude alone. She needed aptitude. Likewise, the professional athlete needed a modicum of talent combined with hard work (i.e., aptitude) to reach that level of proficiency.

People who ascent to the highest highs discovered their talents and develop them. They embarked on the journey of mastery, and they’ve put in the work to sharpen their skills and master their craft.

To soar, you need “know-how.” It implies that you’ve identified the skills and abilities you need to produce results in your chosen field and that you’re diligently working at honing those skills and abilities.

Acquiring aptitude takes time and dedication. You must practice, practice, practice. But when you do the work, you can enjoy the results.


If you aspire to become a world-class leader, writer, singer, car mechanics, computer programmer, entrepreneur, medical practitioner, or whatever else, you need both attitude and aptitude: mindset and skill set.

With the right attitude and remarkable aptitudes, you can reach unprecedented heights. As I said, you need both wings. With the right attitude but no aptitude, you’ll be well-meaning but unable to produce results. With aptitude but the wrong attitude, you’ll never take off, and if you do take off, you’ll inevitably crash.

If you aspire to soar, you must cultivate a positive attitude and develop great aptitudes. You can leave that to chance; you must become intentional about strengthening both wings. Daily, you must check your attitude and work on your aptitudes. When you do, you’ll surely gain altitude.

Starting today, spread both wings wide and take your flight to great altitudes.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.